An arial view of the Tensaw River 和 Fort Blakeley Historic Park near Mobile, 阿拉巴马州. Courtesy of Keith West, University of South 阿拉巴马州.
Expected to contain valuable archaeological data, the 60-acre battle site property known as Blakeley Bluff was a high priority for conservation. Our protection of this land will allow greater opportunities for archaeological excavation, historical research 和 preservation of the battle site’s rich history.

An arial view of the Tensaw River 和 Fort Blakeley Historic Park near Mobile, 阿拉巴马州. Courtesy of Keith West, University of South 阿拉巴马州.

为什么重要: 的 History


Major General Frederick Steele led the march west from Pensacola, 佛罗里达 to attack Fort Blakely. Steele’s 1st Division was commanded by Brigadier General John P. Hawkins 和 included three brigades of African American troops. 的 1st Brigade, commanded by Brigadier General William Pile, consisted of the 73rd, 82nd, 和 86th regiments of United States Colored Troops. 的 2nd Brigade, under Colonel Hiram Scofield, included the 47th, 50th, 和 51st U.S. Colored Troops. 的 3rd Brigade, consisting of the 48th, 68th, 和 76th U.S. Colored Troops, was commanded by Major William E. Nye. (Source: 铁旅)


有人估计,美国有色部队占布雷克利联盟部队的近一半。这些部队参与了诸如布莱克利堡等关键战役,这在很大程度上是不为人知的。根据 History.com,到1865年战争结束时,大约有18万名非洲裔美国士兵在美军服役。这大约是联盟总战斗力的10%。

Research on the Blakeley Bluff property is believed to expose valuable archaeological data related to this African American experience that will help us tell a more accurate story of Civil War history 和 the imperative involvement of U.S. Colored Troops.

“Preserving Blakeley Bluff protects 之一 the last critical pieces of the war’s most poignant battles, prefiguring the nation’s long battle for civil rights that followed. 的 result is 之一 the region’s largest, best-preserved 和 most significant Civil War parks.”

– Bill Finch, writer 和 naturalist

Because of the landscape’s history, farming on the old battlefields was limited 和 the distinctive soils held impressions for centuries. Trenches, gun emplacements, batteries 和 other marks of battle are still prominent 和 intact, providing opportunities for archaeological digging, data collecting 和 vivid interpretation of the often-untold history of these troops. You can learn more about the critical involvement of African Americans in the Civil War at the 非裔美国人内战纪念馆& Museum.
在阿拉巴马州布莱克利堡2保护非洲裔美国人的历史布雷克利布拉夫(Blakeley Bluff)酒店坐落在Tensaw河上。由南阿拉巴马大学的Keith West提供。

为什么重要: 的 Ecosystem

Beyond historical importance, the Blakeley Bluff property has significant conservation value, unique ecology 和 diversity of interesting plant species. 的 property got its namesake from its important role in the Battle of Fort Blakeley, but also from its bluffs—broad, rounded cliffs—that overlook the Tensaw River. In fact, it contains some of the highest bluffs in 阿拉巴马州.  

Prior to the property’s protection, renowned biologist 和 author E.O. Wilson wrote a letter to 的 保护 Fund concerning the importance of this land. In his letter, not only did Wilson site the personal value that the bluffs had on his childhood, but he referenced the ecological 和 historical significance of the property that could not risk being threatened by development.  

“It is, in short, 之一 the most significant properties within the entire Mobile-Tensaw Delta system. It demonstrates how closely linked human history is to natural history. It is also 之一 the most endangered properties of the region.”

– E.O. Wilson, biologist 和 author

的 property consists of hardwood cove ravines, blackwater swamps 和 pine uplands. 的 hardwood ravines shelter some of the most pristine forests in the area 和 support rich plant diversity for species such as lilies, hibiscus, orchids 和 the rare 阿拉巴马州 dahoon holly. 

在阿拉巴马州布莱克利堡3保护非洲裔美国人的历史布雷克利布拉夫(Blakeley Bluff)酒店坐落在Tensaw河上。由南阿拉巴马大学的Keith West提供。


Protecting this land for its historical 和 environmental values was a unique challenge, involving many partners 和 a creative conservation solution. 在2019年 we purchased the property, 受保护的 it with a conservation easement, then transferred the easement to the University of South 阿拉巴马州 in 2020 to restrict any future development, support the University’s ongoing research on the land 和 preserve a unique 和 at-risk ecosystem. We will continue to own the land in partnership with the University. 

This effort was made possible with funding from the National Park Service’s American Battlefield Protection Program, which is funded through the 土地 和 水 保护 Fund (LWCF). Thanks to facilitating efforts from the American Battlefield Trust, the grant was awarded for our purchase of the land. 

With the passage of the Great American Outdoors Act in 2020, LWCF was granted full 和 permanent funding, essentially doubling the amount of money our federal partners can use on conservation projects like this each year. 学到更多 about how we’re scaling up our funding capabilities to take full advantage of LWCF for America’s land, water 和 communities.


的 world population is increasing quickly, 和 contemporary food supplies are struggling to keep up with the need. U.S. consumers continue to demand an inexpensive, healthy protein source with minimal environmental impacts, 和 wild catch fisheries can no longer keep up with the demand or ecological concerns. Currently, the U.S. imports more than 90% of its edible seafood each year, including 98% of its Atlantic Salmon consumption.

的 淡水研究所 has long been the premier source for development 和 growth of sustainable fish farming in the North America, leading the way in state-of-the-art water recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) technologies research. For several decades, the 淡水研究所 has used its expertise in aquaculture engineering, aquatic veterinary medicine, aquaculture husbandry 和 production, industry outreach 和 water chemistry to address critical issues in the domestic seafood supply.



Over the next five years, the 淡水研究所 will conduct research activities to improve the health 和 welfare of fish raised in RAS 和 to advance the technical 和 economic efficiencies of land-based closed-containment operations.


  • Identifying genetic strains of Atlantic salmon 和 steelhead for optimal performance in RAS
  • 减少鲑鱼早期性成熟的评估方法
  • 为改善鱼类饲养环境而改善水质的评估方法
  • Developing next-generation biomonitors 和 computing technologies to improve fish health management 和 RAS environmental control
  • 为RAS生产者开发手段以通过废物流货币化以增强经济活力
  • Developing precision aquaculture technologies for RAS by applying artificial intelligence 和 machine learning for real-time biomass estimation, feed monitoring, 和 health assessments
USFWS孵化场现代化地图08复制请点击 这里 查看完整图表


的 淡水研究所’s research is helping to address critical gaps in current RAS performance, production, costs, 和 efficiency. Research results from these areas increase the feasibility 和 success of RAS facilities that seek to provide a sustainable domestic seafood supply using environmentally-responsible aquaculture.

从这个(和以前的)项目中免费了解有关我们科学出版物的更多信息: //www.zengzhicn.com/our-work/freshwater-institute/publications.



淡水研究所与四峰环境科学合作 &数据解决方案可完成设施评估并为每个孵化场提供现代化建议。在每个设施中,对水源,管道分配系统,养鱼设备和建筑物,进水处理和污水处理基础设施进行了评估。我们的专家与孵化场工作人员紧密合作,以确定特定于设施的计划需求和潜在的改进领域。目标是最大程度地利用当前设施的基础设施和占地面积,并提供解决方案以应对孵化场当前面临的挑战。

评估的孵化场是Lahontan国家鱼类孵化场,San Marcos水产研究中心,Neosho国家鱼类孵化场,Saratoga国家鱼类孵化场和Dwight D. Eisenhower国家鱼类孵化场。每个设施都以不同的养护和缓解目标来饲养不同的物种,但是对于水的适应性,灵活的饲养空间,生物安全性和数据管理都存在类似的关注。一旦完成所有五个现场评估,便制定了最终的现代化计划,以总结总体主题,挑战和建议。淡水研究所通过技术和生物审查,方案规划和概念级设计来提供专业知识,以解决需要改进的特定问题。






LWCF is a federal funding source (roughly $900 million a year) that uses offshore drilling revenue—not taxpayer dollars—to enable conservation victories across the U.S. Funding from LWCF is what allows federal agencies to purchase land from us 和 other partners for permanent protection 和 public access. LWCF enables the protection of some of our most treasured natural places, enhances recreational access nationwide, 和 strengthens local economies. 

Places we’ve helped protect 和/or enhance with LWCF include: 


While we’re still celebrating this historic victory, 和 the ability to protect even more places like these, we’re also looking ahead. Full 和 permanent funding for LWCF essentially doubles the amount of money our federal partners can use on conservation each year. And while this will make it possible to protect more critical land 和 advance conservation for wildlife, recreation, local economies 和 nature-based solutions to climate change, it also doubles the demand on nonprofit conservation implementors, like us, to scale up 和 help federal 和 state agencies use LWCF to its full potential. 

To meet this new demand, we need help from supporters like you. Your support allows us to act quickly on behalf of our federal partners while they acquire the federal funding needed for their future purchase 和 protection. Help us ACT on the Great American Outdoors Act. Consider a gift today! 

请联系 克莱尔·库尼 欲获得更多信息。 



But America’s working forests are disappearing at an alarming rate 和 once they are gone, we all lose out. Our 森林工作基金 is a proven model that saves the most critical working forests before it is too late.  

北海岸CA Ivan LaBianca20200219 WorkingForestFund 72
Ivan LaBianca摄


在2019年,我们转向了独特的来源-金融市场-以更快地扩展我们的模型。我们发出 第一个保护森林的绿色债券。我们大胆地采取了行动 placed $150 million of unsecured ten-year 键s 和 put the 收益 to work. 到今年年底, a substantial portion of bond proceeds had been 与其他来源一起投资 资金,来自五个森林工作基金项目。 Together, these 128,000 acres of working forestland will safeguard 750 jobs 和 sequester nearly 30 million tons of CO2 all while filtering drinking water downstream 和 providing unspoiled places to hike, hunt 和 play. 

But our work is not done. With our partners, we are working towards permanent conservation solutions for each of these forests 和 in turn we will then recycle the green 键 收益 into the next high priority forests. In order to continue scaling this effort, we plan to match the green 键 funds with philanthropic support to multiply the impact 和 the acres of forest we can save. Because people, the planet 和 our economy depend on it.  

Beebe River NH c Stacy Funderburke201707312 3摄影:Stacy Funderburke

“We believe this unique green 键 offering will not only help combat climate change by protecting high conservation working forests but also ensure sustainable livelihoods for the communities that depend on those ecosystems.”

–高盛副总裁凯文·史密斯(Kevin Smith)


纽约州三河森林。卡尔·海尔曼(Carl Heilman)摄影。


One of the working forests benefitting from the green 键 is Three Rivers Forest—51,000-acres 特殊的硬木林地 nestled in the heart of 纽约’s Adirondack Park 和 near the headwaters of the three major rivers flowing into the 圣劳伦斯河。将该物业撤出市场,使我们有时间与利益相关者一起制定森林的长期保护计划,以便继续提供经济,社区和环境效益。 

We are sustainably managing this working forest in the interim, supporting timber-related jobs, hunting and fishing traditions, snowmobiling 和 other types of outdoor recreation opportunities that draw nearly 10 million visitors to the Adirondack region every year.  


林业和农业是整个南部的重要产业,佐治亚州也不例外。它们每年为该州经济贡献近1,120亿美元。佐治亚州恰好是标志性地鼠乌龟的故乡, a keystone species 他们的大型洞穴系统 受益和支持大约350个其他物种。地鼠龟在某些地区受到联邦保护, and  is a candidate for 濒危物种状况 在格鲁吉亚。如果地鼠乌龟成为联邦政府 protected in 佐治亚州, it could 对...产生重大负面影响 the timber 和 agricultural industry in the south. 


在2019年 与开放空间研究所合作 we purchased Ceylon, 之一 最大的 undeveloped coastal, conservation-quality properties in the Southeast—land that is also home to one of the largest densities of gopher tortoises in the state. Working with the 佐治亚州 Department of Natural Resources, we helped establish a new 野生动物 Management Area that will restore 和 protect gopher tortoise habitat, create space for public recreation 和 support 佐治亚州’s working landscape.

Terms of use: Images are to be used by OSI in print 和 online sources. Credit to imagesshould read as: Mac Stone摄影 和 linked back to artist in captions onsocial media. Instagram的: @macstonephoto Facebook: @mac stonephotography. Images can be shared with GADNR under the same conditions,but should not be sublicensed to other third parties except for newspapersand press materials relating to OSI's conservation efforts on the Ceylonproperty. Mac Stone摄影


“The Knobloch Family Foundation 和 its Directors are proud to support the permanent protection of this vital gopher tortoise habitat. 的 unique mix of coastal marsh 和 longleaf pine make it an ideal place for a 野生动物 Management Area. 的 collaboration of many public 和 private partners is a big win for wildlife 和 the State of 佐治亚州.”

–埃莉诺 诺氏家族基金会主任拉奇福德


与乔治亚州自然资源部开放空间研究所一起, and federal 和 private partners, we are proving that conservation, protection 和 economic development can go hand-in-hand. Protecting the gopher tortoises at Ceylon will tip the scale, fortifying the future of this important species 和 the many jobs supported by the farming 和 forestry industries in 佐治亚州. 


In spring 2019, a rare super bloom of poppies created a frenzy. More than 800,000 visitors, photographers 和 nature lovers converged on Walker Canyon in southern 加利福尼亚州 to view the vibrant hues of orange 和 yellow blanketing the vast hillsides. Thrilled by so many visitors enjoying 和 marveling at the site, the landowner wanted to protect his 271-acre property for future tourists 和 wildlife within Walker Canyon. So, he came to 的 保护 Fund for help.  

沃克峡谷。 Ivan LaBianca摄


We worked quickly to 购买物业 并与河滨县合作, 西部河滨县 多物种栖息地保护计划(MSHCP)。成立于2003年, one of 该国最大的MSHCP,并帮助在关键基础设施和开发项目与栖息地保护之间取得平衡。 与我们的合作伙伴一起工作 生态系统投资伙伴 和 the 西部河滨县 Regional 保护局,我们 致力于保持罂粟田的环境价值,确保将来罂粟花爆炸给公众,同时也保护联邦濒危史蒂芬斯的袋鼠和其他​​稀有物种的基本栖息地。 

斯蒂芬斯的袋鼠鼠。 USFWS摄

“与自然保护基金会合作, 生态系统投资合作伙伴很高兴 为河滨的目标做出贡献 MSHCP县,其中包括增加153,000 acres to the public trust 和 protecting 146 不同的物种。通过提供收购 funds, conducting biological surveys 和 努力找出符合目标的包裹 of the 区域性 保护 Authority, our 投资有助于永久 protection of essential corridors 和 habitat."

- Glen Williams, 西部地区项目总监 生态系统投资伙伴


Urban regions often grapple with how to accommodate development while preserving their natural assets. 保护 和 economic growth aren’t mutually exclusive yet striking the right balance between the two requires a thoughtful approach. Protection of the poppy field at Walker Canyon will successfully demonstrate the necessary role conservation plays in enabling sustainable development 和 economic growth. 


照片来源:Barbara Birdsey
超过11,000英亩的私人土地位于霍比桑德(Hobe Sound)居民社区以西,乔纳森·迪金森(Jonathan Dickinson)和大西洋山脊保护区国家公园分开。湿地位于佛罗里达州的大西洋沿海山脊,最高海拔在霍比山海拔86英尺,一年半的湿地可能几乎没有地表水,而在旱季几乎看不到水流。但是,当天空变黑且夏季降雨减少时,原为“隔离”湿地的水向南流经Kitching Creek,流入Loxahatchee河,向北流入圣露西河的南叉。许多未开发的地区存在着许多受威胁和濒临灭绝的植物物种,这也是在州立公园之间移动的本地动物的重要途径。

In 2018, 的 保护 Fund, 的 Guardians of 马丁县 和 the 珍宝基金会 开始开展一项运动,将这些关键财产纳入保护范围。项目区域内的重要土地位于该州的 佛罗里达永远列表 of desirable, at risk, parcels for years, but intense competition for limited state dollars has prevented the project from scoring high enough to attract state funding. 的se properties, which are situated at the edge of 马丁县’s Primary Urban Services District, are subject to intense development pressure, as the demand for residences 和 urban development surges north from the megalopolis of Miami-Dade, Broward 和 Palm Beach Counties. In fact, this area is the last large undeveloped natural area of its kind east of I-95 that has not yet been claimed for development or conservation.



Our coalition is working together to protect this last remaining wild area 和 these two watersheds that also feed into the Indian River Lagoon system. We are currently negotiating with the willing seller of a strategically-located, 138-acre representing two miles of frontage on Bridge Road—the sole infrastructure impediment that interrupts water flow 和 animal movement between Jonathan Dickinson 和 the Atlantic Ridge Preserve State Parks.大白鹭在Loxa Lucie GBraun 洛萨露西的大白鹭。

的 conservation of this property will protect water, wildlife, 和 preserve the rural character of the area. It will also help leverage funding from the State of 佛罗里达’s 佛罗里达 Forever program towards protection of the larger Loxa-Lucie landscape.




Once these lands are brought into conservation management, they will be able to manage water flow into the Loxahatchee 和 St. Lucie Rivers 和 provide opportunities for recreation for residents 和 visitors. 的y will also provide permanent protection for wildlife corridors, foraging 和 nesting habitat for native wildlife species including wood storks, snail kites 和 limpkins, 和 will maintain biodiversity in a corridor that links over 16,500 acres of existing state park lands.



Making A Gift To 的 保护 Fund

致谢& Recognition
We formally acknowledge all contributions to 的 保护 Fund by letter. Unless directed by the donor to remain anonymous, all gifts of $1,000 和 more are recognized in 的 保护 Fund’s annual report. Thank you for your thoughtful commitment.

支票应支付给 的 保护 Fund. Please designate your gift by including Worldwide Fabrics/Bridge Rd, FL #26995 on the reference line 和 mail to 的 保护 Fund’s headquarters: 1655 N.迈尔堡大道, 1300套房, Arlington, VA 22209

要在线向Loxa-Lucie项目捐款,请点击 这里.

请通过以下方式与Scott Tison联系: [email protected]

 Y6A8562 Edit2 LR短吻鳄百合G史密斯

苏万尼河。图片来源:Genevieve Dimmitt

This region has been a priority for conservation since the 1980s because it serves as a critical source of water for North 佛罗里达 communities 和 supports 之一 最大的 conservation 和 wildlife corridors east of the 密西西比州 River.

Proceeds from 的 保护 Fund’s first-ever green 键s will enable us to protect thousands of acres within the headwaters of the Suwannee River 和 Osceola National Forest 和 to ultimately restore priority lands to longleaf pine. 



In August 2020, the Fund acquired nearly 7,000 acres of the Suwannee River Woodlands. Located within 之一 the last remaining strongholds for longleaf pine in the Southeast, the woodlands will be sustainably managed over the next several years as a working forest, with the goal of adding all or a portion to Osceola National Forest 和 restoring it to longleaf pine. We are working to protect additional acreage in the region to expand this forest conservation effort.

这个项目是我们的一部分 森林工作基金®—an innovative program dedicated to mitigating climate change, strengthening rural economies 和 protecting natural ecosystems through the permanent conservation of at-risk working forests across America.

To fund this land’s permanent protection, we are seeking support from several public programs including the 土地 和 水 保护 Fund 和 potentially other sources, including the USDA Forest Legacy Program, the Natural Resources 保护 Service 和 佛罗里达 Forever—the state’s premier conservation 和 recreation lands acquisition program. We are also working with our partners to raise private support to complete this significant conservation effort.



The Suwannee River Woodlands are located within the headwaters of the Suwannee River—the second largest river in 佛罗里达 和 之一 最大的 remaining free-flowing rivers in the Southeast. 的 Fund has worked over the last 20 years to protect the watershed of the Suwannee, from its headwaters to its estuary on the Gulf of Mexico. 的 protection 和 restoration of the Suwannee River Woodlands will expand these efforts, helping to filter the waters in which tens of thousands of people fish 和 recreate, 和 supporting climate resiliency.




保护基金会正在积极筹集资金,以永久解决这些土地的问题。有关如何支持Suwannee河林地保护的更多信息,请联系 卡莉·黑斯廷斯.

Peter Swaine摄
The grassland ecosystems in 马丁县, 明尼苏达州 are more frequently converted to non-prairie uses more than any other county in the Midwest, often lost for development or agricultural uses. But these abundant, grassy landscapes face immense opportunity for restoration 和 have been a top priority for protection in 明尼苏达州.


“You could fall out of a plane 和 land on a restorable wetland in 马丁县. Figuring out which ones are most important to restore 和 protect is the key.”

– 埃米尔·纳尔逊(Emilee Nelson),明尼苏达州自然保护基金会代表



的 马丁县 conservation partnership has added thousands of acres to the county’s state wildlife management areas—no small feat in an area of southern 明尼苏达州 dominated by agriculture. In fact, less than two percent of 马丁县 is 受保护的, publicly accessible land. With a goal to continue expanding wildlife management areas across the county, the partnership will create additional 受保护的 habitat for wildlife 和 opportunities for outdoor recreation. According to the 户外产业协会, outdoor recreation generates $16.7 billion annually in consumer spending in 明尼苏达州, directly contributing about 140,000 jobs 和 $1.4 billion in state 和 local tax revenue.


野生动物 such as mallards, Blandings turtles 和 bobolinks are being monitored as part of a long-range 明尼苏达州 Department of Natural Resources project on many of the properties 受保护的. Photo credit (left to right): Ed Post, Joshua Mayer, Peter Swaine


Nearly 20 partners—from government agencies to local hunting clubs—have made it their mission to protect remaining grasslands 和 wetlands for public access in 马丁县. Since no one does partnership better than 的 保护 Fund, we were well equipped to help lead this effort.

In 2016, the 马丁县 conservation partners convened to identify acquisition 和 restoration sites that would be the most strategic for conservation. 专案 with the highest return on investment are often the most significant for wildlife, 和 the most affordable. Partners’ goals ranged from game 和 non-game wildlife habitat, to native prairie restoration seed harvesting, to flood mitigation. Our targeted approach 和 diverse partnerships resulted in a unique protect-restore-donate conservation process:

  • Identify restorable wetland 和 grassland sites that are a priority for conservation
  • Garner support from local officials 和 landowners
  • 收购土地以备将来保护
  • Restore the 受保护的 properties by planting native grasslands 和 restoring wetlands
  • 将土地捐赠给明尼苏达州自然资源局,纳入公共野生动物管理区
的 partnership was honored with the 《户外新闻》的2020年户外领袖奖. Local donors 和 grant funds are critical to ongoing conservation in 马丁县. 的 明尼苏达州 Outdoor Heritage Fund, among others, have been essential supporters of this effort.


An overview of wildlife management area priorities that the 马丁县 conservation partnership has identified 和 is working to conserve. 请点击 这里 查看完整的地图。