In 2001, 的 保护 Fund 和 the 密尔沃基都市污水处理区 (MMSD)启动了一项开拓性的洪水管理计划Greenseams®, to protect important open spaces in the metropolitan area. 绿缝 purchases land 和 conservation easements from willing landowners in the Milwaukee, Menomonee, Oak Creek, 和 Root River watersheds where major suburban growth is expected to occur. Properties are chosen for their proximity to water, their water-absorbing soils, floodplain 和 wetland features, environmental corridor 和 natural area designations, 和 their connection to public spaces.


Since the program’s inception, we have protected 111 properties, preserving 3,689 acres of flood-prone land within greater Milwaukee. This area includes 28 communities 和 1.57 million people.

In 2017, 绿缝 protected a 78-acre property that connected formerly preserved lands as part of the program, providing 270 acres of wetlands, wooded swamps, 和 upland buffer surrounding Lake Twelve for public use. 的 Lake Twelve complex is part of a larger 威斯康星州 Department of Natural Resources prioritized project area 和 includes a 13-acre property with a public boat launch on the lake provided by Ozaukee 华盛顿州 土地 Trust.

As identified by the Southeastern 威斯康星州 Regional Planning Commission, this natural area provides some of the most significant pre-European settlement open space in southeastern 威斯康星州. By permanently protecting the Lake Twelve complex, 270 acres of continuous habitat is available to endangered, threatened, 和 rare plant 和 animal species in the region. 的 protected lands along Lake Twelve also provide natural storage for rain 和 snow melt, protecting communities downstream.

威斯康星州沿海管理计划与美国野生动植物鱼类和野生动物服务合作伙伴的伙伴关系 and 北美保护湿地法 is also helping restore many of the 绿缝 properties to their native wetland, prairie 和 forest habitats. To date, the phas planted 113,537 trees 和 restored over 760 acres of previously unproductive agricultural lands. Once restored, these properties absorb more rain 和 snow melt, which slows water flow into the City of Milwaukee. 的y also act as buffers which filter out pollutants 和 increase water quality.




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该视频以基金组织的盯住科林(Peg Kohring)为特色,介绍了该创新计划如何在绿色基础设施运动的最前沿。 Video produced by 密尔沃基都市污水处理区。


Do you know what green infrastructure is, really? Watch our video to find out what people think of green infrastructure 和 learn from the Fund's 威尔·艾伦 exactly what we mean when we use the term. 保护基金的录像带。